What People Say


The HBIC group coaching course was invaluable to me!
It truly allowed me to clarify who I am, who I aspire to be and what I want my future to look like. I feel confident in living a life more aligned with own values, goals, and inner HBIC.
The additional one-on-one coaching sessions throughout were amazingly helpful to me. They helped me gain perspective, clarity and dive deeper into the coursework.
Thank you!!

-- Karla Yang


This workshop really got me thinking about who I am and what I want to do in this world. It was so inspiring.

— Mayan, MBA Student

“Great tools!”

Becoming the HBIC gave me the tools to discover values I didn't even know I had! I have so much more clarity about what is important to me now.

— Letizia, Brand Manager

"I'm so glad you didn't tell me how I 'should be,' but rather gave me the tools to think about what is already powerful within me, and how tap into that instead."

— Lily, Marketing Manager

“Powerful and authentic.”

We were looking for an experience that would help our business leaders understand how to be powerful in a way that feels authentic. Becoming the HBIC did not disappoint!

— Abbey, President of Michigan Business Women


The HBIC Workshop helped me better understand myself and my purpose. I feel so empowered.

— Rachel, Management Consultant