Becoming the HBIC Group Coaching Program

A five week self-empowerment coaching program for women, by women.

As coaches, we often talk to women who are competent, capable, strong human beings, who, despite their successes and achievements in life, see themselves as “imposters” or, “frauds.”

The purpose of Becoming the HBIC is to empower women to live authentically, fearlessly taking ownership of who they are and inspire them to pursue a life driven by their individual values and confidence.

It’s about self-exploration, self-awareness, clarifying your values, and having the confidence to live by them.

Becoming the HBIC is a live, group coaching program transpiring over the course of five weeks. We (Kara Davidson and Stephanie Judd, founders of wolf & heron) provide participants with the tools they need to Become the HBIC in their lives, and the opportunity to connect with other course participants from around the world via live sessions and an exclusive Facebook group.

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