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Kate Lind

Chief Pinner, Pincause

Kate and her partner, Nate, founded Pincause as a way to bring people Together in Love and support the organizations that shape people’s futures. Inspired to design a pin for the Women's March on 1.21.17, she and Nate partnered with artist Penelope Dullaghan to design a symbol of LOVE, compassion, and hope. They continue to co-create and sell pins to support important causes and their newest pin, a partnership with the Humane Society, will be released in early September. Outside of the Pincause movement, Kate is an ice skater.

Wolf & Heron: Hi Kate! I hear you guys are just about to launch a brand new pin. Can you tell me about it and how it came to be?

Kate Lind: Our next pin is our biggest pin yet, I’m so excited. A while back, I was at a conference for women called Create & Cultivate. You should look it up, but it was basically a gathering of women going after their dreams. There were a ton of people there that were business owners, women just like me. When I was at the conference, one of the things I was surprised by, was how reserved some people were, keeping to themselves or shy with an introduction. But as a business owner, you have to be out there and have very little shame.

I introduced myself to a ton of people at this conference. And one of the people I introduced myself to, she has a famous dog. And I just completely put myself out there, “I’m Katy. I raise money for causes, how can we work together?” And we continued talking and all of a sudden, I’m connected with someone who’s on the board for the Humane Society and they’re interested in doing a pin together to support their cause. And that was the start of our new pin with the Humane Society, which will be out in early September.

If you want something to happen, no one’s going to help you unless you ask for help. Some people are not going to want to talk to you, and that’s okay, because some people are going to be amazing.

w&h: Awesome! I can’t wait to see what that one looks like. Okay, switching gears. We always ask women about their values…Tell me about your values. What’s important to you?

KL: Relationships matter a lot to me and that comes through in a few ways. One of the reasons I care so much about Pincause, is because I personally value authentic conversations and Pincause helps people have honest conversations about difficult things.

And let’s not forget humor, I love bringing fun to people’s lives.

w&h: Let’s switch to the future. If you put yourself 10 years from now, what are you hoping to achieve?

KL: Nate and I talk about this a lot. Visioning is important to us. We want to have a family. I want to take care of my family. I love to creative direct and work with people who are more creative than me. I want to be fulfilled as well as challenged.

w&h: What difference do you want to make in the world?

KL: I’m trying to bring something positive into the world. My hope is that I’m encouraging people to think more positively and less negatively. We’re living in a divisive time and it’s very easy to get caught up or find people complaining or stressing. I want to go about change in a positive way, away from that. I like to encourage positive conversations and different points of view.

w&h: Full disclosure, I know you personally. So, I think I know the answer to this already, but you have a purpose statement, right? Can you share it?

KL: Haha, yeah. I haven’t updated it recently, but I’m the bolt that zaps people into action. It still works. Hopefully, the conversations that Pincause is starting encourage people to think differently and compels them to do things too.

w&h: How have you had to be influential?

KL: We launched Pincause January 1st, 2017. Since then, we’ve raised over $158,000 for causes and sold 75,000+ items. And for people to give you money, you have to be pretty influential. The key thing for us was setting a big crazy goal. Why was our goal to sell 100,000 pins? Well, why not? What I found is that as we were walking around, talking to people about what we’re doing, the act of telling people totally changed my mindset. Sharing the big crazy goal was influential, because I started to believe it.

It helped me thing about the big picture of what we were trying to do...We’re building a movement and a community that people can be a part of...and that community is visible because you see people walking down the street wearing the pins. We’re not just selling pins, we’re building a movement. And every now and then, I’m like, holy shit, I did something.

w&h: Anything else you care to share? What have you learned about yourself since you launched Pincause or what surprised you most?

KL: It’s really hard to pinpoint one thing you did to make success happen. I think what we did is that we saw opportunities and we took them. Which is great, because at the beginning of anything new, you’re learning. Not every project or pin is going to pan out exactly like you imagined. Like that conference, that was an opportunity too.

I was not totally sure of myself yet, but I mentally prepped, right? I got an outfit, something that I looked really good in. I told myself, I’m established, I’m awesome, and then I put myself out there. If someone told me they had a podcast, I was like, that’s amazing, I’d be a great guest.

It’s so important to walk in with a goal, go after it, and it’s okay if you’re uncomfortable. It’s not always natural at the beginning, when you’re learning, but don’t let that stop you from going for an opportunity.

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Kate's Words of Wisdom

On Curiosity

"If you go in with curiosity, you can learn something from everyone around you."

"If there’s something I want to know, I’ll go look it up."

On Going For It

"The key thing for us was setting a big crazy goal."

"Be bold. If you’re afraid of doing something, do it and do it 10x louder than you think you should."

"Fake it till you make it. You’ll surprise yourself."