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Cambrey Little

Director of Sales, Patient Experience, HealthStream

Cambrey is a seasoned healthcare professional with over a decade of industry expertise. She received her MBA in Healthcare Leadership from the University of Tennessee. She’s been working at HealthStream since 2009 and has worked her way through the ranks to her current role as Director of Sales, Patient Experience. Cambrey’s story shows how passion and purpose can come together to inspire personal leadership. 

wolf & heron: We define values as what matters to you. What are your most important values?

Cambrey Little: The thing I value most in the people I bring into my life personally or professionally is integrity. I value knowing that what you see is what you get. And I bring that to the table too.

When it comes to my career, I significantly value knowledge and education. I went back to school after 10 years in the workforce. It’s so cliché to say knowledge is power but I really believe it. My experience in graduate school allowed me the opportunity to be surrounded by people from many areas of the healthcare industry who sharpened me, pushed me, and challenged me. I believe I am a better healthcare professional because of it. This industry is always changing, and for someone who values learning and enjoys a challenge, it’s a great place to be. I feel like I’m constantly learning and evolving.

w&h: If you think into the future, where do you see yourself?

CL: I definitely see myself still in healthcare. I absolutely love the industry. And I’m passionate about improving healthcare in our country. I don’t know exactly what it will look like, maybe I’m running a company or in a senior leadership role. Regardless of title or the company I work for, I know I want to be so well versed and entrenched in the industry, that I’m the person people call on when they need help. I know that I want to have conversations that matter with senior leaders in healthcare. I hope that in the future I’m still helping people with the challenges they face. As long as I’m passionate about what I do, and am making an impact, I’ll be in a good place.

w&h: What difference do you want to make in the world?

CL: I can say, with confidence and conviction, that what I do every day impacts people’s lives. The solutions we offer impact the care patients receive. What gets me up to go to work every day and the reason I’ve been here so long, is that I know I’m impacting people’s lives in a positive way.

w&h: What makes you so passionate about the healthcare industry?

CL: When I was 18 years old, just a few weeks ahead of my high school graduation, I was in a terrible car accident. I was lucky not to have any major injuries, only some cuts and bruises, but I was still taken to the ER to be checked out just in case. To make a long story short, the ER Doctor overdosed me on pain meds, I collapsed and stopped breathing, and I had to be resuscitated. I’m very grateful to the caregivers and providers that saved my life that day. I certainly wouldn’t be here without them. My story came full circle when, 8 years later, I was offered a sales position at HealthStream focused on selling resuscitation training for healthcare providers. I believe if you have a personal connection to what you do every day, and if you can show people your passion and why you have that passion, you can be unstoppable.

w&h: What are your tricks, habits or routines that you use to “show up” as your best self? How does it help?

CL: If I’m having a terrible day but still have a big meeting or presentation to attend, I’ll throw on a power suit and a bold red lip. Something about that combination makes me feel really strong and powerful. It’s amazing how your attitude can shift when you feel good about yourself.  

w&h: If you could offer a woman in her early 20s just getting started in her WorkLife, one piece of advice, what would it be?

CL: Hmm…Thinking back to myself at 21, 22 years old. What do I wish I had known? Be kind. Sometimes, women think they have to be hard to get what they want, but it’s not true. Be kind, be yourself. Aim high.

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Cambrey's Words of Wisdom

On Purpose

"What gets me up to go to work every day and the reason I’ve been with the same company for so long, is that I know the work I do impacts people’s lives in a positive way."

"If you can show people your passion and why you have that passion, you can be unstoppable."

On Kindness

"Sometimes, women think they have to be hard to get what they want, but it’s not true. Be kind, be yourself. Aim high."