The purpose of Becoming the HBIC is to help you refine, empower, and energize your inner HBIC. To do that, we gather a community of women interested in lifting themselves and each other up, and focus on the essential topics that will kick up your confidence and power you to the #NextLevel of awesomesauce:


You’re the Boss

Get clear on what’s important and what isn’t.

You’re the boss of your life - personal and professional. Define who you are by getting clear on what’s important to you, and what isn’t.  Is it Success? Your relationships? The legacy you build? We all value things differently. The key is that once you know what you value, you’ll have a clear sense of how to prioritize, where to set your boundaries, and what “balance” looks like in your life. This is insanely helpful when setting out on your career path, navigating life’s big choices and showing up with confidence and integrity in whatever you do.

Own Your Future

Give yourself direction.

Every modern day lady is an explorer on her own adventure, and every explorer needs a destination. Of course unexpected events and obstacles might shift your path, but you always need some kind of direction to move forward - otherwise you won’t know what “forward” is. You will develop a compelling vision that will give you the power to own your future, take intentional steps toward it, and inspire others to help along the way.

Find your WHY

Articulate why what you’re doing even matters.

Your life journey is long and winding, and you’ll never stay know how to get back on course if you don’t know why you're doing what you're doing. How prepared are you to share your story? How well can you explain to others (and yourself) why you do the things you do? What’s the bigger picture? You’ll create a purpose statement you can hold in your hand and put on your mirror that will be your guide through thick and thin.

Show up as You

Refine your brand and show up as the true #HBIC #LadyBoss you are.

How you uniquely show up - for yourself and for others - will ignite your power and help you drive the impact you want to have. If you show up as your best, authentically and with confidence, you will be blown away by what you can achieve. You will create a clear plan for how you should live, play, work, and lead, and learn to show up as the best versions of yourself. Refine your brand beyond your social media presence or business card and develop the daily practices that will activate you to be an #HBIC for realz and for always.


The HBIC Rises

Make a plan to put it into action.

You’re inspired, energized, and ready for action… now let’s make sure to keep it that way! All the ideas and inspiration in the world don’t matter if you don’t have a plan. You’ll sit down and think through exactly what you’re going to do to move closer to your goals.