What is Becoming the HBIC?

An experience for women looking to increase their confidence, influence, and impact.

The purpose of Becoming the HBIC is to help you refine, empower, and energize your inner HBIC. To do that, we gather a community of women interested in lifting themselves and each other up, and focus on the essential topics that will kick up your confidence and power you to the #NextLevel of awesomesauce.

What do you get out of it?

  • A stronger, more confident you
  • A community of like-minded women
  • The ability to clearly articulate your purpose
  • A compelling, inspiring direction and plan for your life
  • The capacity to own your choices and feel good about them

How do you become an HBIC?

    To become an HBIC, you must get crystal clear on the answers to these questions:

    • What matters most to you? What are you willing to sacrifice for it?
    • What do you want to achieve? Why it's worth going after?
    • What does your best self look like?
    • How do you ensure your best self is showing up when you need her to?

    Be Part of the Movement!

    Come to a workshop!

    We offer in-person workshops all over the country. Mingle with and support other women in your area who are taking control of their lives and having an impact.

    ... or join us online!

    We offer the same great experience as the in-person workshop in a virtual online course. Connect with strong women from all over the world and expand your community.

    ... or work with us privately!

    Do you like the content, but want to #LevelUp with something just for you? Try out a free sample coaching session with Stephanie or Kara to see if it's right for you.

    ... or just listen for a while.


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    What We Cover

    The workshops or online classes help you refine and empower the HBIC within you through five modules of exploration.

    You’re the Boss
    Get clear on what’s important and what isn’t.

    Own Your Future
    Give yourself direction.

    Find Your WHY
    Articulate why what you’re doing even matters.

    Show Up as You
    Refine your brand and show up as the true #HBIC #LadyBoss you are.


    The HBIC Rises
    Make a plan to put it into action and get it done

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